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Basic Training

This is for pups 6-12 months of age. It is designed to develop a well-rounded, confident pup. Each day the pup will progress though more advanced training and stimulation. Upon completion they will be well socialized with dogs and people. The pup will be gun conditioned retrieving birds from water, tolerant of unusual environments and sounds, crate trained and leash-broke. The pups that complete this training will be well balanced and ready to take on any challenge. 

  • Tested (Evaluate capabilities & learning curve)

  • Water work (In the pond retrieving birds)

  • Socialized (Living & working with balanced, seasoned dogs)

  • Environmental stimulation (Exposure to strange surfaces, smells, sounds & new objects)

  • Gun Intro (Start with low caliber at a distance)

  • Bird Intro (Initial contact with live birds & bird launcher)

  • Leash broke (Basic manners on lead)

  • Crate trained (Sleeping through the night in the box)

Force Fetched

​This training is for dogs that are at least 1 year old. After a 3-5 day evaluation period, we use a variety of techniques to work the dog through this very refined and precise training. Once we've evaluated the dog for a few days, we can come up with a timeline to complete the training. Force fetching usually takes 5-7 weeks. Once completed, the dog will pick up birds on the "Fetch" command, "Hold" and carry to hand and only release when given the "Out" command.

Whoa Broke

This is another formal training technique that I'd prefer to only use on dogs at least 1 year old. Having your dog slam on the brakes with the "WHOA" command can be very helpful and can save your dog from potential danger. After completing our Whoa work training, the dog will "Whoa on the fly". If he was running full speed across a field, you'll be able to give the "Whoa" command and the dog will stop and stand steady until given the release command. 

Tune - up

All dogs can use a tune up from time to time, especially after a carefree summer right before hunting season. We will evaluate holes in the dog's work and fill them in with consistent repetitions on the necessary drills to have the dog dialed in. Depending on how far we want to take the dog, this could be a 2-4 week training period. We will come up with a specific set of goals to be reached once the Tune-Up is complete. 

If you are interested in our training, please contact us! 

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