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How much is a puppy from Whoa Nelly’s Kennel at 9 weeks old? 


How much is a puppy from Whoa Nelly's Kennel at 12 weeks old?



How much is the deposit? 



What age do you release a puppy? 

9 weeks minimum, 12 weeks with additional training 


What is puppy boot camp and what does it include? 

Puppy boot camp occurs from ages 9-12 weeks. The cost is an additional $750. This includes an additional round of shots and microchip. The puppy will experience the following:

  • Tested - evaluate capabilities and learning curve

  • Water Work - in the pond retrieving birds

  • Socialized - living and working with balanced and seasoned dogs

  • Environmental Stimulation - exposure to strange surfaces, sounds, smells and new objects

  • Gun Introduction - beginning with a low caliber gun at a distance

  • Bird Intro - initial contact with live birds 

  • Leash Broken - basic manners on a lead

  • Crate Trained - sleeping through the night in a crate


What is the picking order of the puppies? 

First come, first serve. We only take 3 deposits for males and 3 deposits for females per litter before they are born. When you put your deposit down, we will mark down your preference. We generally have a fairly even split of males and females in litters. 


When do I pick my puppy? 

Puppies are tested at 7 weeks and chosen after testing is completed. 


Can our dogs be shipped in the USA or Canada? 

We work closely with a transport company that we know and trust. There is an extra fee to transport your pup to its destination depending on the location. 


Do you do any health testing/ how long do GSP’s live? 

The grandparents of our pups have been tested for hips and elbows -- all clear. Our GSPs have a very large gene pool to draw from and the breeders of the past have done a fantastic job keeping the breed as healthy as possible. Most of these dogs live anywhere between 13-17 years and their main cause of death is either cancer or accidents. 


Do you have started dogs/ what are started dogs? 

  • Dog will be a year or more

  • Experienced with birds at least steady to flush - if not better

  • Retrieving out of water within a couple of steps of your hand 

  • Well socialized with other dogs and able to hunt in the field with other dogs 

  • Well mannered on a leash, crate broken and well mannered in general 


Do you have finished dogs/ what are finished dogs? 

  • Dog will at least have 2 years experience 

  • Experienced with birds at least steady to shot - if not better

  • Retrieving out of water within a couple of steps of your hand 

  • Well socialized with other dogs and able to hunt and honor other dogs in the field 

  • Well mannered on a leash, crate broken and well mannered in general 

  • Fully broke - as defined by steady to release command 

  • Retrieve to hand within a step 

  • Following master hunter standards 




What are the benefits of kennel training? 

First and foremost, it is the safest place for your dog. Traveling in the car, at home alone, when you need them to take a “break”, separation from other dogs/animals, easier for someone else to take care of your dog…the reasons are extensive. Kennel training can be cumbersome at first, all of the effort when they are young will pay off in the future. While you may think they need a soft blanket or a towel in their kennel, GSPs can be destructive when they are bored or anxious. Less risk of having a visit to the vet because your pup has ingested a part of a blanket, towel, bone or toy.


What do you feed your puppies when they start eating kibble?

Purina Pro Plan Puppy for at least 18-24 months


How much should I feed my puppy?

2 cups, 2x a day, then follow the advice of your veterinarian after your first puppy visit


When should I cut off water with my puppy while I’m kennel training? 

About 2-3 hours before going to bed


How much should I expect my puppy to sleep in the first few months? 

Your puppy will be adjusting to many different situations and experiences in their first few months. New places, smells and interactions can exhaust a puppy easily, especially if coupled with exercise. Puppies generally will eat, sleep, poop/pee and repeat. They will likely sleep at least 6-8 hours a day, depending on how much exercise and stimulation the pup has had. This is a time where puppies are growing so quickly, so be careful not to over exercise your dog. 


What commands should I use with my dog? 

Whatever you decide to use, just make sure it is consistent with all of the main handlers of your dog. 


The commands I recommend are:

  • COME OR HERE:Recall command is crucial - they will take off on a scent in a second 

  • DOWN : Keeping all 4 paws on the ground at the same time, so they don’t continue to jump on you or get off furniture, etc. 

  • GET BACK: Handy when you are going through doors or trying to get work done in the yard 


  • HEEL: Use while leash training - we recommend @bestgundogs leash for heel training 

  • LEAVE IT: Use when you want your dog to leave something alone 


If you are planning to hunt your dog, we recommend the following commands:

  • WHOA: Practice this with the leash while walking and use a stop sign hand signal - standing steady in the field 

  • NAME + OK + 2 TAPS ON BACK: Releasing your dog in the field - make sure you consistently practice so his release mechanism is consistent 

  • OUT: Dog should be holding the bird until you use OUT to release the bird in your hand 

  • FETCH: Use when you send your dog “2 taps, Max, FETCH!” - sending your dog to pick up a retrieve 

  • HEY-O: When you are changing directions in the field, make sure to have a command so they know you are quartering and switching directions.





What is the best way for me to get my dog exposed to gunfire at an early age? 

If you can find music that is primarily classical music then adds in gunfire and birds, that would be the best option. Play the music when you leave the house on loud. Make a lot of noises in the house - bang cabinets, pans hitting the stove, unloading dishwasher, etc. - don’t treat them like babies. 


What are ways to distract my dog if they are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises? 

When safety is threatened for a dog like wind shaking the house, thunder rumbling the ground, flashes of lightning lighting up a room, hail pounding on the roof, fireworks -- you have to do your best to distract them. Playing games with a toy or giving them something to chew on. Make sure the dog is in a place where he/she can’t injure themselves from the fear they may have. 


What do I do if my dog is afraid of gunfire? 

This is a tricky question because it depends on the dog’s previous history with gunfire and experience with it. We recommend getting an 8 ring cap gun - use when you are playing and having fun - eating, rough housing- then, cap it in the next room. Best to do it with two people and have the “gun” shot at a distance. The key is to associate a fun activity with the gunshot. Be careful about him taking off on you - we recommend using a GPS collar. 


What age should I start formal gun dog/ bird dog training? 

Any time after 7-8 months


What age should I start using an e-collar?

7-8 months. An e-collar should not replace time and training spent with a pup, but serve as a reminder of behaviors that you would like your dog to abide by.





Is it ok if I don’t hunt my shorthair? 

Whoa Nelly’s GSP’s are a dynamic blend of versatility, grit, desire, intelligence and affection -- they can do just about anything. Some of our pups have gone on to be bomb and drug detection dogs, gluten detection dogs, service dogs, competing in Dock Diving competitions and just an all-around good pup to have. Our dogs don’t have to hunt, but they will always have their prey drive and keen sense of smell. They can take off on a scent in a heartbeat and be a mile ahead of you within minutes. We strongly recommend that you train your dog with a Garmin GPS e-collar so you are able to break their focus and track them when needed. 


What do you like most about German Shorthaired Pointers?

The versatility of the breed. Once properly trained, they are phenomenal hunting companions and equally as great in a home environment. GSP’s can be trained to do just about anything.


Should I get my dog spayed or neutered?

That is entirely up to you. We recommend that you wait at least 1 year to allow the dog’s hormones to come into full effect. 


Are GSP’s aggressive? 

GSP’s temperament is very even keel - they generally keep their cool and are friendly with dogs and humans. However, if they feel threatened, they will defend themselves. 


How often should I clean my GSP’s ears? 

If your dog is in the water often, clean the ears regularly to prevent yeast build up and an ear infection. Talk to your vet on which solution they recommend. 


Why do you dock puppies' tails and remove their dewclaw? 

Out in the field, GSP’s run at high speeds with quick turns and they can be relentless in the pursuit of a scent. Long tails have a higher risk of breaking in the field when going through fences and brush, causing a pup a tremendous amount of pain. The same thing can happen with their dewclaw where it can get caught and rip. 



What age do you dock the tails and remove the dewclaw? 

3 days old


Mental Stimulation vs. Physical Stimulation 

You’ll hear the saying, “A well exercised dog is a good dog” - completely true; however, for a GSP that saying encompasses much more than just physical exercise. Mental stimulation requires creativity and seeking places out where your pup can run freely and explore. Activities that encourage mental stimulation are things like going to stores that allow you to have dogs, restaurants, going over to other houses, exploring an outdoor shopping center, working on manners, going to a new park with different scents, etc.

Please feel free to call me anytime if you have any additional questions or concerns about your pup.

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