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About Us

Together with my wife, Liz, we run Whoa Nelly’s Kennel in Odessa, MO. Liz is involved with all of the dog's care, especially the pregnant mommas and puppies. Our facility was carefully designed to ensure that our dogs have daily water exposure, plenty of room to run and hunt. In addition to our breeding program, we offer hunt training, basic obedience and boarding.

At Whoa Nelly's Kennel we are dedicated to breeding and training the World's greatest German Shorthaired Pointers. We build our dogs on four cornerstones: Prey Drive, Water Work, Livability and Confirmation. 

We want our dogs to push through heavy cover with tenacity, and have the courage to tangle with a fox or take down a wounded deer. All of our dogs excel in the water. We will not breed a dog that won't swim. Our Shorthairs will haul geese out of slushy, frozen ponds with pride and enthusiasm. We're breeding the gentleman's dog, in that our dogs have the switches to run and gun in the field then come into town for lunch on a cafe patio and relax by the fire in the house at night. They are even keeled and at ease in any situation. They are the James Bond of gun dogs. One of the reasons we make our puppy picks at seven weeks old is to ensure proper confirmation. Shorthairs are built to cover long distances over tough terrain for hours on end day after day. It is crucial they are properly built to carry out the work we expect them to. With these four cornerstones as a foundation we are able to raise some fantastic hunting dogs that blend seamlessly into your everyday life.

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