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Datchu has quite the story. She is from an amazing kennel in Billings, Montana, Magic City Kennel. I was lucky enough to meet them through my transporting business. They have some wonderful dogs and a great breeding program. Magic City owns the Sister to my dog Bullitt. We were able to work out a breeding with Bullitt's sister Trinity and Grouse Point's Tank. Tank is the Mother to our Nelly. So having Bullitt's Sister breed with Nelly's Father worked out perfectly with our breeding program. Datchu was the only female in her litter and I was lucky enough to bring her home with me. She has some beautiful lines and a rock solid build. She has a loving attitude with everyone she meets, however in the field she is all business. She covers ground with grace and lightning speed. This leads to some dramatic dust clouded staunch points. Her water work is driven and precise. She has torpedo speed in the water and loves to break ice. She is in the top of her class when it comes to water retrieves. Datchu will haul geese out of slushy ponds with a smile on her face. She has plenty of grit to tangle with cats and coons but has a gentle mouth when it comes to feathered retrieves. She is the perfect balance of grace and power.  

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Datchu 2
Datchu 3
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