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Bullitt's Bird Dog Benefit 

Join us Sunday August 1st, 2021 for our first ever Bird Dog Benefit! Come out for a fun day and tour our 10ac facility, meet our foundation dogs, and learn simple & effective bird training tips, for the field and beyond, plus get meet other WNK pup pups. This is a special training and socializing event exclusively for our WNK pack. All proceeds will benefit our leader of our pack, Bullitt.

Bullitt has recently undergone his second lobectomy. This is a common hazard in the field for an active bird dog. This is likely to occur during this time of year when grass seed is falling and our dogs are out running in taller grasses, they inhale small amounts of seeds and they can get lodged into their lungs and cause major infection.  We will be sharing our own experiences and our trusted vet will speak on common ways to prevent, diagnosis, & treat this type of issue.

This one day training event is scheduled for Sunday August 1, 2021 from 9am-3pm and includes:

Professional individual bird dog training sessions with Clay Denny

Expert lecture/advice on hazards in the field from our trusted vet


We are asking for $150 donations for this event per family and all proceeds go to Bullitt's recovery fund. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you all at Whoa Nelly's Kennel! 

Space is Limited so RSVP TODAY to reserve your spot! 

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