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Bullitt is the reason why I love these dogs. He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dog. The best hunting companion and friend I’ve known. Bullitt’s topside is all hunting stock and his bottom side is full of DCs and heavy in Hustler. He’s had the least amount of formal training out of all my dogs. Yet he puts on a better performance than any of them. He is as well rounded of a dog as they get.


He is a great house dog, sleeps in bed, good on the leash, great watchdog. His fieldwork is phenomenal. He tears through heavy brush and fly’s across open terrain. If there is a body of water around he’s going in it. He covers ground with purpose and intelligence. His nose is astounding. He easily picks up scent at 150 to 200 feet. When he goes on point he’ll stand there all day or until the bird flushes. He will run big if you let him. He’ll easily cast a half-mile right out of the box. With a couple reminders he’ll hunt within 250 yards. As strong as he is on land he’s even more impressive in the water. Bullitt’s water work is something to be seen. He may have some Marlin way back in his pedigree cause he rips through the water like he was made for it. He’s pulled duck, goose, doves, and pheasant out of rivers, lakes, canals, and ponds all over the country.

Bullitt also has a more refined side. He has done very well in the show ring. He has several points towards his AKC confirmation title. He truly flips a switch when he gets in the ring and puts on his fancy prance for the judges. At 26in and 63Lbs he is the perfect size for showing. He does very well with other dogs and new handlers. He’s just a damn good dog.

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