Dog Hauling...

I use a large climate controlled cargo van to transport. I make a trip about every 45 days covering all lower 48 states. I prefer to run door to door to make scheduling easier on everyone. In order to move the dogs in a timely manner I cover about 1000 miles a day with stops every 4-6 hours to let the dogs out.

When we stop I walk each dog, clean out dirty crates, feed and water dogs. I provide the crates, collars, leashes, and food. I feed Purina and use bottled water one the road. I carry a veterinarians medical kit for emergencies and have my local vet on call for assistance if needed.

Prices range from $250-$450 Per dog, depending on size and the distance. I give great deals for multiple dogs being delivered to the same location. I do require a $100 deposit in advance. The remaining balance can be paid when the dog is delivered.